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About the Mahut Center  

Adolescence is a critical time in the development of one's identity. Currently, this period can extend from 10 to 29 years old. This is known as a period of emotional rollercoasters, as a result of the changes adolescence brings in emotional, physical, cognitive, and social development. Parents are expected to provide support and guidance during this period but are frequently confused and lack the knowledge to respond to the complicated behavior of their teenage children.


Often, the lifecycle of a family means that parents are facing their own period of change at this time: restarting careers, caring for their aging parents, and more. The result can be tension and turmoil in the home and the family unit, causing communication breakdowns between teenagers and their parents which in turn lead to more extreme teenage behavior and possibly even estrangement.


The Mahut Center was established to help cope with this complicated period by providing support, guidance, and therapy for parents, adolescents, and the family as a unit. Mahut is operated by the Summit Institute in partnership with the Adolescent Services Department of the Jerusalem Municipality. 


The Mahut Center focuses on improving the relationships between parents and teenagers, developing parenting skills, and providing support during times of crisis with the overall goal of strengthening the family and helping teenagers navigate day-to-day situations.  


At the Mahut Center, we believe in supporting teenagers’ development as part of the family unit while simultaneously helping parents to overcome their own difficulties. This adaptive approach integrates concern for each individual with a broader perspective on the family dynamics as a whole.


The Mahut Center’s expertise and experience on the subject of adolescence allows us to offer parents the tools and knowledge to cope with this difficult period.


Treatment is conducted on a weekly basis and is free for one year.


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Family Therapy

Treating parents and adolescents together to focus on the relationships and communication within the family. Sessions focus on processing emotions and family conflicts within a supportive, open atmosphere.


Therapy for Parents

A place for parents to discuss the difficulties in connecting and communicating with their teenage children. Focuses on the role of the parents, parental authority, and involvement, in a supportive, open atmosphere.


Group Therapy

Participation in group therapy allows parents to gain reference points for their role as parents and the developmental processes their children are undergoing. The group sessions provide knowledge and tools to assist parents in this challenging period. The support and perspective provided by both moderators and fellow participants enable parents to better recognize and deal with their anxiety and emotions.

אודות הטיפול במרכז מהות
קבוצות טיפוליות

Therapy Groups

Jerusalem residents who are interested in joining parent support groups please call +972-2-63367010 to schedule an interview, or can email

Participation is free*

Parents of Adolescents

Run by two therapists, this group is designed for couples.

Single Parents of Adolescents

This group is designed for parents interested in a year-long process focusing on the experience of single parents of adolescents. 

Parents of Eldest Children Ages 13-14

A group for parents whose eldest child is entering 7th or 8th grade – the start of the adolescent years.

Tools for Navigating Adolescence

Examining and strengthening the parent-teenager relationship and gaining coping mechanisms.

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Request for Advice

Who is eligible for guidance from the Mahut Center?

Jerusalem residents with children ages 13-18 are eligible for services from the Mahut Center.


The Mahut Center serves a diverse community that represents a cross-section of the city of Jerusalem, including members of the Ultra-Orthodox, religious, and secular communities and new immigrants from around the world, as well as a wide variety of family structures: single-parent homes, blended families, adoptive parents, and more.

When should I reach out?

1. When parents’ interactions with the adolescent child are marked by a feeling of helplessness, lack of communication, or disrespect for parental authority, all of which can manifest as loss of self-control or aggression on the part of either parents or children.

2. When the adolescent experiences ongoing difficulty functioning in any of the following areas:

  • Social difficulties including withdrawal or avoidance of friends or wandering from home and a growing dependence on friends

  • Significant difficulties at school, leading to difficulties in other areas

  • Low self-esteem and negative body image that impair day-to-day functioning

  • Signs of addiction to alcohol, drugs, or other controlled substances

  • Rejection of parental authority and adult authority in general


How do I apply?

For family therapy contact the nearest Jerusalem welfare authority office. If you are contacting them for the first time, first contact the Jerusalem municipality’s Adolescent Services Department.

The Adolescent Services Department: +972-2-6252305, +972-2-6245934

After an introductory process with the Treatment Planning Committee, you will be transferred to the Mahut Center for treatment.

To participate in group therapy, contact the Mahut Center directly at +972-2-6336701.

The Mahut Center, Eini Building, 11 Agripas Street, Jerusalem

Phone: +972-2-6336701

Fax: +972-2-6336708


Hours of Operation

Sun: 9am-6pm

Mon: 9am-8pm

Wed: 9am-8pm

Thurs: 9am-8pm

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Professional Staff

Sara Taib

M.A Psychology

Certified family and couples therapist

Family and adolescent therapist

Group therapist


Ester kempinsky

M.S.W Clinical Social Work


Daniel Gefen

M.S.W social worker Caring for children, youth, parents and couples.


Dr. Avigail Eitam-Bach
Care of individuals, couples and families in life transitions and crisis situations, facilitates groups

Yoni Bogot

Executive Director of the Summit Institute

4 HaSadna Street, Jerusalem


Galit Alon Ohana

Mahut Institute Director

B.A Education

MSW Clinical Social Work

Parent and adolescent therapist

Group therapist


Noa Oberman


The Mahut Center staff leader


Lecturer and parent and adolescent therapist


Miri Langa



Parent and adolescent therapist

Group therapist

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